Tech Specs

House engineer:
John John
(314) 607-6786
johnjohn [at]

Stage: 18’ x 12’ with 7’ x7’ drum riser (permanent)

General description: Small three-way club system with four monitor mixes from FOH

Equipment list:
6-Shure SM58 microphone
6-Sennheiser E604 microphone
1-AKG D112 microphone
4-Passive DI box
Allen & Heath GL2400 console (20 channels from stage)
1-Alesis Quadraverb digital FX
1-ADA digial delay
2-Alesis 3630 compressor/gate
5-DBX 20 series 31-band EQ
1-DBX 223 three-way crossover
1-Crown Macrotech 2400 amplifier (lows)
1-Crown CE1000 amplifier (mids)
1-Crown CE1000 amplifier (highs)
2-Crown CE1000 amplfier (monitors)
4-15” cabinets loaded with JBL E140 (lows)
2-JBL Cabaret 212 (Mids)
2-JBL 2446 driver on JBL 2385 horn (highs)
2-Peavey 1545 wedge (stage monitor)
1-2 x 15” & 1” loaded with JBL E140 and Peavey driver/horn (drum monitor)