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Cicero’s has always been a leader in the St. Louis beer scene. Even before we re-located to another location in the U City Loop in 1996, we were one of the first to sell imported beer in St. Louis. You could get Rolling Rock, St. Paulie Girl, Heineken, and even Warsteiner long before other establishments began offering such brews. In 1996, when Cicero’s moved from its original location (6510 Delmar blvd.) to its current location (6691 Delmar blvd.), we decided to boost our offerings to surpass anything St. Louis had to offer with regards to beer. In doing so, we constructed a bar with 50 taps that was later expanded to 55.  Not only that, but we also boasted a bottled beer menu of almost 200 different bottles from around the world. Our intent was to make Cicero’s the beer capital of St. Louis.

Over the years, we learned that beer drinkers enjoy drinking the latest and greatest beer. While many people have their “go to” standards, others rarely drink the same beer twice. That is why, here at Cicero’s, we change our beer menu weekly. If you are looking for the newest amazing beer, we probably have it.

To keep the public abreast, and to teach people everything they always wanted to know about beer, we also developed the Cicero’s Beer School. Click on the Beer School tab above to lean more about beer school. You can even watch past beer schools online or download then from itunes. If you can’t make it to beer school, don’t worry, Cicero’s also prides ourselves in having a very knowledgeable staff. If you have a question about beer, someone on our staff will surely be able to answer it for you.

Cicero’s offers a full bar with the addition of our own signature cocktails like; Little League Chew, Jake’s Zombie, Patrick’s Crusher, Cherry Cheesecake Martini and many others that feature a hearty double pour. Come try one for yourself.

If you are looking for entertainment options, Cicero’s has a cocktail lounge that includes video games, a pool table and a 104″ HDTV so you can hang out and watch the game.

Don’t forget, you can always order food at the bar from our extensive restaurant menu. So, come in and see us, we’ll be waiting for you.