Backstage Productions Presents:  Silence the Witness &  Arkangela

$3 minor surcharge for under 21 at the door

Backstage Productions Presents: Silence the Witness & Arkangela

Behold My Enemy, Ecclesiast, Wrecklamation, UNimagined

Sat, April 1, 2017

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 6:30 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

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Silence The Witness
Silence The Witness
Silence the Witness is a 5-piece progressive melodic death metal band from St. Louis, MO.

The band, conceived in 2014, wrote an original EP that was released for free in July 2015 across Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

Since its inception, Silence the Witness went through numerous line-up changes, and had the honor of working with some amazingly talented musicians. One of them being drummer Arissa Ball who unfortunately passed on as a result of her battle with Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH).

The band is currently recording the spiritual successor to 2015's "Pick Your Poison [EP]" completely from scratch, with live instruments. Silence the Witness's first LP, "Pick Your Poison: Reloaded", is expected to have a late-fall 2016 release.
Arkangela is band with one goal in mind: creating real, raw, and honest music meant to evoke introspective thought within the listener.

Combining the chaotic styles of modern metal, the raw primal prowess of classic rock, the emotive finesse of classical piano mixed with something new entirely, Arkangela strives to be the next household name band for rockers and headbangers alike.

In a time where some of the top charting rock songs do not even feature real guitars or passionate words, Arkangela takes inspiration from bands and artists of the past who had paved the way for perspective, thought, sexuality, and melody.

"It's the bands that weren't worried about pushing peoples buttons; the ones who just did it," explains frontman Ryan Beck "that made all of the difference in rock music. They changed everything by forcing people to change their thinking."

In 2014, Arkangela began recording debut EP "LIMBO" at Encapsulated Studios with Producer/Engineer Matt Amelung, and released November 2015.

After a period of long rest, they are back and ready with a new hunger to show the world their music and message, with the record currently released on all major music sources, and a new release on the way.

"This is a band that believes in the power of people; no matter who they are." Stacey Smyre, Vocalist/Pianist states. "History shows us that."

Arkangela is currently booking shows, writing new music, and working hard to achieve their goal as becoming the next successor to this outstanding lineage of musicians.
Behold My Enemy
Behold My Enemy
Where words fail, music speaks. We are BME, from St. Louis, Missouri.
We all share a love for music, but each member has diverse influences and skills. As they culminate into a single entity, the result is a style that innovates music by breaking the boundaries of modern metal. We can show the intricacies of melody and then transition into riffs that pay homage to the founders of mosh. We have the combined power of lethal breakdowns and passages of uplifting singing. Through our unique endeavors, we hope to build a connection with each person who sees or hears us.
We are Behold My Enemy.
Ecclesiast is a four piece Christian metal band based out of St. Charles county Missouri. They strive for excellence, not only through their electric performances, but through the heartfelt message and music they put out. Pursuing a professional look, with a hometown feel, they are fully dedicated to what they do, through the passion, and authenticity of leading the listeners and audience alike to Christ through driven lyrics with a backbone. Stemming from personal hardships, to glorifying the lord, Ecclesiast encourages all to stand up, fight for what they believe in, and pursue whatever dreams they may have, be it small, or large, no task is too heavy to handle. We are Ecclesiast. We are the heart and soul of ministry through compassion, love, and a willingness to perform for the glory of God.

In mid-2015, Ecclesiast set out to record their first album at The Killing Joke Studios and record with Jake Roach. After several different options, and selections between who would be mixing and mastering their E.P. they finally came to the conclusion that their go-to guy would be Matt Dalton, of 37 Studios, who previously worked with artists/bands such as Emmure, Chiodos, Attila, and many more.

On May 26, Ecclesiast released their single 'High Horse' through HM Magazine, where they were featured as an 'HM Exclusive Artist' and received rave reviews from various other magazines and publications, beginning to make their mark through marketing, and media.

On June 6, 2016, The Hook Journal described their single as, "A charged, streamlined ride through the Ecclesiast sound, featuring crushingly rough assaults of abrasive riffage paired with an interestingly anthemic chorus."

Being played on various radio stations, such as Metal Pulse Radio, 100.7 The Viper, and Fuelradio.FM, in mid-2016, after several line up changes, and playing numerous shows, that of which includes opening up for Miss May I, I See Stars, The Word Alive, and many more, the band finally released their long awaited Self-Titled E.P. through a large scale of web related outlets, as well as through their own merchandise store, and other distribution companies.
Thrash/groove metal band hailing from the Jefferson County area. Influences taken from Megadeth, Lamb of God, Havok, Pantera, etc.