We are always accepting applications. All candidates are given a 30 day trial period beginning with the first scheduled shift (not orientation). If the candidate is not retaining information provided, breaking rules explained to them, caught stealing, working under the influence of a controlled substance, habitually late or conducting themselves in a way that puts our guests or staff in jeopardy, they will be terminated with little or no warning.

Here are short descriptions of the positions available at Cicero’s:

Host - First and last impressions are an important staple in our family owned operation. The host position requires experience in high volume, casual dining. A candidate should encompass  professionalism in appearance and demeanor with the ability to multi-task and work seamlessly with a diverse group of coworkers.  Candidates will need to learn and retain our extensive menu as they will be taking to-go orders and fielding questions in house and over the phone. Experience in handling a register is preferred and a pleasant positive phone is voice necessary. Our hosts are on time, self motivated and excellent communicators. If you feel like this describes you, we look forward to hearing from you.

Server - First and foremost, our servers are not order takers. The training we provide qualified candidates goes beyond the simple task of writing down an order and bringing out the food. Our servers apply their knowledge of our large menu and beer selection to personalize guest experience. It is not uncommon that our wait staff cultivates regulars. Ideal candidates have served in high volume, casual establishments, have tray carrying and general liquor skills, keep cool headed, clean and organized in the heat of the action, take ownership of their section and are detail minded, an excellent communicator with staff in all departments including management and be mindful of our open kitchen conducting yourself professionally at all times both front and back of house. If your qualified and ready, we‘re excited to hear from you. 

Cook – Cicero’s menu is large and diverse. Because of that our kitchen staff needs to be able to work more than one station for depth and consistency. If you are experienced in sauté, grill, pizza, fry or salad stations, cooking at a high volume pace (with experience in more than one station) you are well on your way to having a home at Cicero’s.  Our staff is charged with the task of creating the flavors our guests have been coming back to enjoy for over 30 years. Advancement in our kitchen is only limited to your ability to master stations and work in sync with our team. If this describes you, we should talk.

Dish Washer - In many restaurants this position can be a thankless job.  Our dishwashing crew is simply too important to our operation and because of that we have a skilled hardworking team. Basic job requirements include the ability to lift 25-50 lbs, handle heat and humidity (an uncontrollable work condition) , timeliness (work cannot be interrupted because of candidates lack of transportation or time management) and ability to see projects that need handling without needing to be told to do so. If you are a hard worker and like working with hard workers, we may be the place for you.

 Bartender - If I have to tell you what a bartender does then you are not the one for the job. Additional responsibilities include knowledge of our broad food and beer menu. You will need to continuously educate yourself on the nuances of beer and our evolving draft and bottle selection and cultivate a regular cliental. Cicero’s employs personable, kind and collected men and women who take ownership of the bar’s service and appearance. High volume and tight spaces, it’s a bar.         

Security/Door - Door’s primary responsibility is admitting guests into our music venue. This task requires handling money as you will be collecting entrance fees and making change when needed. Candidate must also have knowledge of legal and counterfeit identification. Door is responsible for keeping an eye out for possible trouble in the bar area and the venue (when not collecting entrance fees or when needed). The position can only be given to a candidate with a vice grip on their emotions. A calm demeanor is mandatory as we never want to escalate any situation, think camp counselor not Dalton from Road House.

Busser - How many speeds do you have? Are you able to work quick, clean and efficient without drawing attention to yourself? Do you have tray carrying skills? We run a fast paced restaurant that only works if no one knows we’re hustling to get them in and out. Our busser’s take ownership of the restaurant to make sure every guest coming in feels like we just set up for them.  Experience is a plus , but not essential.

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