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Spring Beer School Starts January 14th

  Yes, it’s that time again folks. Spring beer school starts January 14th. The spring session will be  17 weeks, There are two classes in the spring session from 5:30pm – 6:30pm and 7:00 – 8:00.  As usual, each week, we will bring you a different expert speaker from the … Read more

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Alaina Kantner: Mission Impossible

Good evening, Ms. Kantner.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it…Make pale ale interesting to a large group of beer geeks. I know this may seem like a strange “mission” and might not be the plot of the next Tom Cruise movie, but I did feel like Alaina created … Read more

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Summer School: The Blind Leading the Blind

Cicero’s Beer School has been on break since May and while that is only two months on the calendar, it is an eternity in beer years.  Finally we have reached the beer oasis of this extremely hot and dry summer and just in time, because I’m parched.  Mimi and I … Read more

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4 Hands Brewing: Sustainability is the Mission

Kevin Lemp, the owner and founder of 4 Hands Brewing Company, practices what he preaches, and a lot of his sermons revolve around sustainability.  At his new brewery he took old sprinkler heads and recycled them into clothing racks (makes me want to buy a shirt already); he transformed an … Read more

Schlafly: From the Farm to the Bottle

By Eric and Mimi Griffith Here’s a tip…if you find Dan Kopman around town sampling Schlafly beers postpone your plans for a few minutes and soak in some knowledge.  Dan will answer any question you have and I usually hang out and listen as he delves into deep discussions with … Read more

Boulder Beer: Where Our Brewers are High!

By Eric and Mimi Griffith David Zuckerman, Brewmaster for Boulder Beer, received a round of applause when he answered the question “How does the altitude effect the brewery?” with “Our brewers are high!”  How high?  5,430 feet high to be exact.  Mr. Zuckerman finally found a reason to make the … Read more

Grand Teton: Beer in the Land of LDS

By Eric and Mimi Griffith Rob Mullin, Brewmaster and COO for Grand Teton Brewing Company, spent 40 hours traveling from Idaho to St. Louis so he could talk to us about beer…that’s dedication my fellow beer fans, and Cicero’s Beer School applauds him for the effort. Twenty three years ago … Read more

Charleville: Beer is Like a Box of Chocolates

By Eric and Mimi Griffith Thanks to Charleville Brewing Company you can enjoy a serving of your favorite Valentine’s treat in a glass at the bar.  Who says romance is dead?  More details on the beer later, but first let me get you up to speed on what you missed. … Read more

Samuel Smith: If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It?

By Eric and Mimi Griffith   Mimi and I just found another reason to stop procrastinating on our pub crawl across the British Isles.  The Angel & White Horse is a pub in Yorkshire next to the Samuel Smith Brewery. After tonight’s class, I’ve already played out the scene in … Read more

Augusta Brewing: Fresh from the Farm

By Eric and Mimi Griffith I have to be honest with you, more than once I have walked past bottles of Augusta Farmhouse Ales on the shelves at my local bottle shop and thought, “maybe next time.”  So when I saw them at beer school this week, my “next time” … Read more

Ska Brewing: Beer is Our M.O.

By Eric and Mimi Griffith Six weeks is a long time to go without Beer School.  Mimi and I passed the time by attempting to homebrew and by tasting as many winter seasonal beers as we could get our hands on.  But it is just not the same…we need our … Read more

Hop and Circumstance

By Eric and Mimi Griffith When we tell people we are graduating, their first reaction is always, “Congratulations!”  Once they find out we’re graduating from beer school they usually smile and chuckle like it is some kind of joke.  But at Cicero’s Beer School graduation we get to drink free … Read more

Infinium and Beyond!

by Eric Griffith and Mimi Griffith Have you ever gone to your local beer shop and reserved a bottle of beer in advance of the release date?  Have you ever toasted the New Year with a champagne flute full of beer?  Have you ever brought a $20 bottle of beer … Read more

A Beer for Every Meal…Even Breakfast

by Eric Griffith and Mimi Griffith This week’s class was structured a little differently in that the line-up was not from a single brewery or all one particular style of beer, but rather was a hand picked selection of brews from the large stable of beers at Missouri Beverage.  Jim McGinn … Read more

How ‘Bout Them Apples

by Eric Griffith and Mimi Griffith I know what you’re thinking…”Real men don’t drink cider!”  But you would be wrong.  In fact most men, including our founding fathers, drank plenty of cider during the American Revolution and beyond.  These men were not hiding in their homes sipping the tart stuff; … Read more

Three Cheers for Widmer

by Eric Griffith and Mimi Griffith I had a déjà vu moment when we walked in to Cicero’s beer school this week.  Karen King was standing on stage and I was fairly certain that she had already taught our class earlier this semester.  If you have participated in any Goose … Read more

Just out the Keg; Monk’s Cafe – Flemish sour red ale

  Cicero’s understands that when it come to beer, most people’s favorite is the latest and greatest new beer. Very few beer lovers drink the same beer over and over again. Sure, you might go back to an old standard, but you always try the latest beer first. For that … Read more

I Spy a Bucking Elephant

A smile drew across my face while standing in line for Cicero’s Beer School this week.  I recognized the bucking elephant on Karen’s jacket as the label for Odell’s IPA and at that moment I knew we were in for some good beer.  Not that you should ever judge a beer … Read more

Not All Rangers Are From Texas

by Eric Griffith and Mimi Griffith                                                                                         … Read more

Largest American-Owned Brewery in Missouri Visits Cicero’s Beer School

by Eric Griffith and Mimi Griffith That’s right; Boulevard Brewing Company was the main attraction at Cicero’s this week. Surprised?  You shouldn’t be.  The Kansas City Brewery has been around since 1989 and in just the past four years has increased their lineup of beers from 8 to 26 and production … Read more

Welcome to the Cicero’s Blog

Welcome to the Cicero’s Blog. Here you will be able to stay up to date with all that is happening at Cicero’s. As I’m sure you already know, between the restaurant, the venue, the bar, and all the beer, there is always something new going on. My name is Chad. I’m … Read more