burger slide


Cicero’s Burger


One-half pound, charbroiled with lots of grilled onions.

Patty Melt


Served on marbled rye with Swiss, cheddar and grilled onions.

BBQ Cheddar Burger


Topped with cheddar cheese, grilled onions and BBQ sauce.

Turkey Burger


Seasoned just right, served with lettuce and red onions.

Garden Burger


A tasty vegan burger with black beans, roasted corn and spices, served with red onions.

Blue Cheese Burger


Topped with crumbled blue cheese and grilled onions.

Mushroom Swiss Burger


Two slices of Swiss cheese and a pile of sautéed mushrooms and onions.

Jalapeño Burger


Topped with pepper jack cheese, grilled onions and jalapeños

Lions Gate Burger


One and a half pounds of charbroiled ground beef, served with lettuce, tomato, pickles and red onions. The Lions Gate also comes garnished with three of our delicious onion rings.

Holy Cow Burger


Topped with cheddar, Provel, Swiss and pepper jack cheeses, onions, mushrooms and bacon with lettuce and pickles on the side.

Cajun Turkey Burger


Grilled turkey burger with Cajun seasoning, Provel cheese, roasted peppers and sauteed onions.